500 Club

The 500 Club is a sponsorship option aimed at football loving individuals, community groups and small businesses, looking to become stakeholders in Indonesia’s quest to compete at the AFL International Cup in Australia in 2014 (IC14).

Membership is available now at USD 500.00 or equivalent, one time only
All funds raised from the 500 Club will be applied 100% towards flights, buses, accommodation, football uniforms and living costs on tour, for the 20 (approx) Indonesian Nationals selected to attend IC14. For more information and details of membership benefits, please contact Dean Reardon.

Borneo Bears 500 Club Members:

  • Shane & Amelia Kruger
  • Shane Bennett
  • Des Heath
  • Dean Reardon
  • John O Taylor
  • Craig & Yuni Becker
  • Ray Ferguson
  • Mason Blum
  • John Eddy
  • Russell Wood
  • Jim Ryan
  • Trevor Kroemer
  • Ian Berwick
  • Shane Wiese
  • Chris Dingle
  • Hayden Patterson
  • Marcus Geisler
  • Paul Glanville
  • Neville Hill
  • Atlas Copco
  • Bob Miller
  • Shane Bennet
  • Andy Turner